Italian lessons online

Stay home and keep learning online! Take advantage of your time and boost your Italian

At this difficult time we all have to do our bit by staying at home and preventing COVID-19 from spreading any further. It’s not easy, I know. But we can also make use of our time for reconnecting with the people around us and for taking some time for ourselves. 

If you’re learning a language, this is the perfect opportunity to read that foreign language book you’ve always been meaning to or simply to watch some of your favourite films or TV series in other languages! You can also listen to the radio or even do grammar practice too! If you’re thinking of starting a new language, order a textbook or find a teacher online and finally do that New Year’s resolution!

If you’ve already started a language, online lessons are a good way to make sure your work so far doesn’t go to waste. You can personalise your lessons, focusing on what works for you, whether you’re learning the language to help with your office job or to speak more with friends, family or your partner or just for fun! There are loads of agencies, schools and teachers out there offering a whole variety of learning strategies. If you’re already at an advanced level, why not try conversation classes or lessons themed around one of your hobbies, like cooking or art? 

I’ve been teaching online for years working with students to improve their Business Italian, their conversation skills, introducing them to Italy’s rich artistic culture, history and food, as well as doing some essential grammar practice. Although I reckon that lessons in person or at school are the best for learning and, teaching as well, I can say, after years, that also online learning can be effective, enjoyable, interactive and even fun.
I’m also running group workshops (up to six people) on Zoom – feel free to join in! If you’ve got any questions, get in touch!

Vi aspetto, 
Roberta x 

Italian lessons online

One to one – 1h lesson
– General Italian
– Business Italian
– Cultural – Introducing Italy
– “Smart conversation lessons” (45 min)

Group (up to 6 students)
– General Italian
– Business Italian
– Conversation
– Special workshop on Zoom: cookery lessons and others…

All lessons are on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and other platforms.

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Chi sono.
My experience.

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