Book Club for Italian learners. Spring edition

Have you ever thought about joining a book club to improve your Italian language?

Have you ever thought about joining a book club to improve your Italian language?

Here an online book club for Italian learners!
Organised in collaboration with Italian Language Services at the Italian Cultural Institute London
Five sessions, organised every two weeks to give you enough time to read ahead of every session. 

In each book club meeting, we will: 

  • go over what we have read so far 
  • discuss and practise new idioms and expressions we encounter in our reading
  • analyse the cultural context of the story  
  • discuss and exchange views about the book and its author 
  • practise writing books reviews

The atmosphere will be informal and relaxed so that everyone feels happy to contribute to the conversation. This is a great way of practising and improving your Italian! Throughout our meetings, we will be practising each of the four essential language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing).

Aimed principally at advanced students. 
When: Saturdays Morning, from 10.00 to 12.00. Every two weeks. 
Dates: 1, 15, 29 May & 12, 26 June 2021
Price: £110
For further information and enrolment:

Some feedback from the past edition

The Book Club has been a time to discover new aspects of language, culture and history in Italy.  Our text was challenging and moving. Roberta guided our discussions so that they enriched our understanding of the book.
It was very enjoyable and I look forward to doing it again soon. Gay

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the book club. I thought the class was excellent, you managed to create a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone felt they could contribute. The book was very interesting and it was very helpful to understand the wider social ,economic and geographical context. I felt the classes were very well structured so we could all participate and understand and most of all they were great fun! Tiffany

“The Italian Book Club has been one of my Lockdown highlights. It has been a real joy and delight – reading with others, exploring themes of an interesting novel, comparing favourite phrases… Roberta’s suggested approach was wonderful and we had two weeks between sessions to read a manageable sized chunk of the book. Encouraged by Roberta not to read far ahead, it was fun to keep guessing at what happens next and hear other people’s ideas. The sessions were very relaxed – all by Zoom and with small breakouts so everyone had the opportunity to talk. Roberta suggested discussion questions and mixed us up once or twice during the session – a great way to make friends and keep the session lively. I’d been a little nervous as my spoken Italian is rusty but we were all patience of each other and we all improved in confidence as the sessions went on. I’d highly recommend the Book Club as a way to enjoy learning Italian in a way that is unpressured and won’t involve having to run through a load of grammar exercises! Being at 10am on a Saturday morning, you can even bring your breakfast along with you!” Kate

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