Full immersion experience in Italy

Get your personalized full immersion program.

Full immersion to improve faster and practice the language you’ve been studying in your country.  Immerse yourself in the culture, practice every day with the Italians, live the language every minute of your staying with tailored experiences and personalized Italian lessons. 

Whatever is your reason for learning Italian a tailored full immersion experience with a personalized language program is perfect for who need to reach their learning objectives quickly and effectively.

🔶All over the year
🔶Any lengths depending on the availabilities.
🔶 In Tuscia or all around Italy on request.
🔶 For individuals, families or small groups of friends with common interests.

♦️Business Italian
♦️Italian for opera singers or actors
♦️Exam preparations (Celi, Cils)
♦️Special occasion preparations (wedding, family reunions, relocation)

🔷Interests: arts, music, opera, cinema, theatre, photography, craft, food and wine, Made in Italy…
🔷Special events: opera, theatre, cinema or music festivals, photography, exhibitions, made in Italy fair.
🔷Experiences: harvest and country feast, trekking and excursions, cookery lessons, wine tasting courses.

All tours, excursions, materials will be prepared to align with your personal learning goals with attention to individual skills.  All lessons are carried out by a qualified Italian tutor and, when is necessary, with an expert’s support from the different fields you choose.

Get your personalized full immersion program


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