Roberta Capotondi

Ciao! Sono Roberta,

I am a native speaker of Italian, fully qualified as a teacher of the language, and a passionate advocate of Italian culture. An encouraging and patient professional, I adopt a creative approach to lesson planning which focuses on improving students’ ability to express themselves clearly and effectively. I aim to provide a structured yet open learning environment and to work with my students in a way which caters for their individual / group needs.

Having spent many years teaching Italian abroad, I am familiar with the problems which students face when learning Italian and enjoy working with students from different countries and all kinds of background. After spending six years in London, where I taught in schools, various companies, universities and educational institutions I lived in London for five years where I taught the Italian Language in schools and institutions ( University of Arts of London, International House, Italian Cultural Institute and others), I decided to move back to Italy in 2018. 

During my time in London, I was in particular demand as a teacher of “Business Italian”, working with leading financial companies, banks and fashion houses to provide Italian tuition for their employees. My students included CEOs and senior managers, and I was able to adapt my teaching methods to help them develop the skills they required in professional environments, for example in meetings or public speaking engagements. 

I am qualified to teach Italian through drama (Glottodrama Certificate, July 2015) and I am passionate about using this technique to improve students’ communication skills in Italian. I believe this method works particularly well with adult learners of the language, who may wish to use their Italian in a business or professional context such us public speaking.

Through my lessons, I try to communicate my own enthusiasm for Italy’s rich cultural heritage. I come to language teaching from an arts background and possess a wide range of knowledge about Italian theatre, art, opera and classical music, derived from my university studies and experience of working in the arts sector. I am able to devise courses and lesson plans specially catered for students who are keen to learn more about Italian culture.

I hold a BA in Literature and MA in Theatre studies. I also earn a Master’s degree in Journalism and Communication.  My experience and expertise lie in Arts administration, I have been working in a cultural setting for years.

Since I back to Italy I start to teach also online to individual and small group of students via Skype or Zoom. ( Italian lessons online)

I also organise holidays, cultural activities and experiences in Italy for students wanting to practise their language while enjoying all that the country has to offer. (Language holiday)


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